Who is LIV Bookkeeping?

We could give you lots of statistics about our staff and their years of accounting experience, but we thought you would get more out of a personal introduction.¬†After getting to know a fairly typical staff member, if you still want more, visit our About Us page.¬† And now…

Meet Janette

smallgroupJanette is a member of our bookkeeping staff. Prior to coming to work for LIV Bookkeeping she had six years of experience in accounting, two of which were for a CPA firm keeping the books for businesses using QuickBooks. While every member of our staff possesses at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance, they also share a passion for excellence in their work.

Janette embodies our culture of excellence with her unimpeachable integrity and tireless work ethic. Her passion is also evidenced by the fact that she graduated Summa Cum Laude.

You see, Janette isn’t just a bookkeeper. Janette, like all of our staff members, is an accountant. And if Janette is the type of “bookkeeper” you want doing your accounting, there is only one choice:

LIV Bookkeeping.