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While we utilize time-tested accounting procedures, we can customize our services to meet your individual business needs.  Below is a list of accounting categories for which we provide services.  Click on any item of interest to view a brief description of our bookkeeping and accounting services.  Keep in mind that you can choose some or all of the services depending on your exact business needs.

Our comprehensive bookkeeping and management system is designed to complete your daily financial recordkeeping tasks as well as your month-end closing tasks, followed by preparation of your monthly financial reports, cash requirements, and cash flow analysis of your business.

We want you to feel confident that your bookkeeping system accurately reflects your business and financial needs so you can concentrate on running your business. The procedures involved with basic bookkeeping can be overwhelming depending on the size of your business and the number of transactions. If you no longer feel like you have control of your books, we can solve your problems. We can manage your business finances and keep you on the right track.

Your accountant is responsible for the bookkeeping and data entry, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your accounting system. On a monthly basis, they close the books, prepare your financial reports (balance sheet, profit and loss statements), review your outstanding payables and aging receivables and check your cash flow to help identify specific areas that need attention. Your accountant will present this information so you will be able to understand your company’s financial position each month.

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