Small Business Solutions

climbingtheladderSmall… but Growing!

If you’re not yet big enough to need our Corporate Solutions, then this is the place for you.

Think You Can’t Afford an Accountant?

For small business owners, the thought of having your accountant keep your books conjures up images of budget-busting accounting invoices.  But because our accountants all have years of experience, they make decisions and process transactions quickly, which is important because we bill by the hour.  Fast processing, combined with our low rates, means an average business owner will pay less than $100 a month on our Monthly Maintenance Program to have all of their accounting done each month.  If you’re paying more than that now, you owe it to yourself to give us a try.

But I Only Need Someone Part-time…

Businesses that don’t have enough transaction volume to justify a full time bookkeeper can get by with weekly accounting, and most in fact with monthly.  You can learn more about our programs and service offerings at the bottom of this page.  And be sure to visit Our Services page.

For the most part, regardless of your accounting frequency, you will find that any work you get to us during the day will be completed and ready for your review the next morning.

Getting Us Your Data

Whether by email, fax, or snail mail, we can tailor a program to fit the way you work.  We can even send someone by to pick up your documents or scan them for you onsite!  Contact our Business Development department today and let them show you just how easy it is.

In The News

Entrepreneur outsources to keep business

With advice and guidance from her mentor, Consuelo Clark is growing a successful makeup and skincare company called Outside/In Cosmetics Inc.

She learned to let go of certain facets of the business such as bookkeeping and sales, outsourcing those duties to providers in her local community so she could focus on the aspects she enjoys.

“I’m a little bit of a control freak,” she says, explaining it was difficult to relinquish her role overseeing sales and finances. But she’s reaping the benefits of hiring two sales personnel to facilitate the business’s incoming revenue, and a professional to log the sums. “Having a business is like having a small child, you have to learn to let it go.” 

Monthly Maintenance Program

The perfect choice for small but full time businesses. We’ll help you setup a regular schedule to get us your monthly statements, receipts, and invoices by a method that you find the most convenient.

Catch Up Service

A little behind on your bookkeeping?  No problem.  We’ll get all your back months up to date in no time!  And if you’re on our Monthly Maintenance Program, you’ll receive a 10% discount on your entire Catch Up invoice.

Quarterly Program

This program is for businesses with very low transaction volume.  People with a part time business or rental real estate are typical users of this program.  We’ll make sure everything is accurate and up to date in case you need to file a quarterly tax payment.

Annual Service

If tax time is the only time current and accurate financial information matters to you, then this service is for you.

Get us your data in whatever form you can and we’ll sort through it all and get your returns filed.