Security and IT Infrastructure

LIV Bookkeeping exceeds industry standards by providing the following to every client:

  • Annual criminal screening of all staff membersStyle: "Porcelain pastel"
  • Biometric scanners are used to ensure the identities of all staff members as they enter and leave the facility
  • All data is backed up the instant it’s created to ensure zero loss of data ever
  • To protect against fire or building disaster, an additional backup of all data is created weekly and stored offsite
  • Backup power generation and power conditioning are utilized to minimize the possibility of data corruption caused by the occasional brownout or blackout
  • We maintain our own fiber optic leased-line to ensure direct, high speed access to the Internet
  • All file transfers take place on servers that utilize Enterprise Grade security measures

Have customized IT needs?  Contact us!  We have a full-time IT staff to manage client IT requests. They also ensure the health of all of our systems and servers at all times.

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