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It’s Only a Matter of Logistics

Style: "Porcelain pastel"Regardless of whether you are President or CFO, chances are pretty good that you don’t share an office with your accounting department.  So, whether they are in a different office, building, or city, you are likely communicating with them by phone and email.  If your company is cutting edge you may even communicate by video chat.  And of course you all share resources through the company’s computer network.

Think “Telecommuting”

In The News:

“During the past year, there’s been a notable jump in the number of American and Canadian companies offering employees the opportunity to telecommute … 42 percent of U.S. companies now say they have a telework program, up from 30 percent in 2007.”

InfoWorld, Telecommuting On The Rise

Working with LIV accountants is no different.  Our IT staff will work with yours to tie our accountants into your PBX and VPN.  They show up for work like any other employees of your company, except they use our office space and dual-display computers, not yours.

Oh yeah, and they will cost about half of what you’re paying now.  (See below)

Bottom line:  All the experience, half the cost.

 Tell us about your logistics and we’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse!

Huge Cost Savings! 

A comparison:

A full-time LIV Accountant with Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and 8 years experience will cost an average of $52,000 net.

Compare that with the average net cost for accountants including benefits and office overhead:

Accountant II


Accountant III


Accountant IV


Note: these figures are annual and do not include related HR expenses.

To see the full spreadsheet including all supporting data, click here.

  • Temporary accountant
  • Temp-to-hire accountant
  • Part time contract accountant
  • Full time contract accountant
  • Full time contract CPA
  • Contract accounting department