About Us

The minimum requirement for employment with our firm is a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and 5 years accounting experience.

So, while our focus is on providing fast and extremely accurate bookkeeping services, all of the work we perform is done by experienced accountants. Whether your need is for after-the-fact, full charge, audit support, or forensics, LIV Bookkeeping can help.

In office meetings, whether in our offices or yours, are billed at $120/hr. But we have found that most of the work our clients need does not require an in-person visit. All of this work, all of your day to day bookkeeping and accounting, is done by our accountants from our facility. Think “telecommuting.” We keep our rates low ($34/hr introductory rate) by maintaining a centralized infrastructure and workforce. All of our IT staff and infrastructure, HR, admin, and staff members utilize the same 10,000 square foot facility. The economies of scale this approach provides allows us to provide you with the best, most experienced staff at the lowest possible cost. And we’re available almost on a moment’s notice.

We can do your accounting in QuickBooks at our facility, online with QuickBooks Online Plus, or with your software on your network with VPN access.

Call us today to discuss your specific needs. We’re certain we can arrange the right accounting solution for your needs at a rate you can afford.

“I never thought our business could afford its own accountant!”
John Feige, Owner
“Accounting has never been my strong suit.  LIV makes it painless AND affordable.”
Brenda Cotton, President
1-800-Got-Junk Franchise Owner