Looking for a great accountant or bookkeeper?

Of course you are! That’s why you’re here. You will be happy to know that we have lots of them.

We have a 10,000 square foot facility to support all of our accounting and bookkeeping staff. (See photo below)livonehalf

But, let’s face it… finding an accountant is easy. Just type the word “accountant” into any search engine and you’ll find thousands in less than a second. But finding a great accountant… that’s another matter.

There are really only two things you need to consider when looking for a new accountant; experience and price.

So let’s talk about experience. How many years before you would call an accountant “experienced”? One year? Two? Five? Twenty?

Our accountants average 9 years of experience.

The next question you should ask is, “Yeah, but what kind of experience?” As you may know, Corporate Accounting is quite different from Small Business Accounting. Fortunately, in our diverse staff, we have both. But that’s just where the differences begin…

The LIV Bookkeeping Difference

LIV Bookkeeping is a firm that was created by famed business development firm Level IV. Having successfully grown more than 600 companies in just about any industry you can name, Level IV is uniquely qualified to understand the needs of a business in ALL areas, including accounting.

In the 20+ years that Level IV has been around, one of the hardest things for their clients to find was a CPA that really understood business. Most are really good at accounting. But almost none really understand what it takes to run a business successfully. It is with this understanding that all of our accountants are trained. We start with experienced accountants and then a Level IV business advisor trains each and every one of them on what every business owner needs most from their accountant. In other words, our accountants receive education that no CPA receives in any accounting school. It is this difference that sets LIV Bookkeeping head and shoulders above the crowd.

Contact us today, either by phone or by email, and a business development manager will visit you and your place of business so that we can fully understand your needs.

The LIV Bookkeeping Difference

Right Experience + Low Rates = Best Value!

Keeping the Books

Having worked with more than 600 business owners, parent company Level IV has learned that most don’t enjoy bookkeeping or accounting. But all owners understand how important it is to stay on top of their finances.

If you:

  • Are tired of keeping your own books
  • Are not happy with the service you’re getting, or
  • Simply think you’re paying too much

then maybe now is the right time to consider something different.

Ask yourself this question:

If money was no object, who would you have managing your company’s finances;

a bookkeeper or an accountant?

Simple question.  And for most people, an easy choice.

Well that’s what sets LIV Bookkeeping apart from every other bookkeeper you’ve ever used.  ALL of our staff members are experienced accountants. There are no “bookkeepers.”  Minimum qualification for employment with our firm is a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, and our average staff member has more than 8 years of accounting experience.

And while we never claim to be the cheapest accounting or bookkeeping solution on the planet, we know you will not find a better quality service, or a better accounting value, for less money.  In fact, we think you’ll find that in most cases we charge LESS than your average bookkeeper.

Imagine the peace of mind that will come from knowing you have your own personal accountant keeping your company’s books!


Our introductory rate for bookkeeping and accounting is $34/hr.  After the first month if you decide you like the quality of our work, we’re just $60/hr. for projects and only $1.75 per transaction for recurring monthly work.  And of course we have special discounts for catch up work!

Most of our clients have a fixed monthly fee based upon an average number of transactions, so there are no surprises about how much your expenses will be every month.  And you will be surprised at just how little you end up paying for our real accountants to do your bookkeeping!  In fact, our average client pays less than $100/mo. for us to provide fully detailed accounting and monthly financial statements!  In almost all cases, our monthly fees are less (and usually a lot less) than what you’re paying right now.  Want to know how much we can save your business?  Just Contact Us for a detailed quote you can count on.

How do we keep our rates so low?  Simple.  We use state-of-the-art computer systems with dual-display workstations and have a completely paperless office.  Our data entry and reconciliation processes are the most efficient in the industry, so we get more done in less time.  Less time for us means less money from you.  Simple, right?

Service Guarantee

We’re so confident that we are the best accounting value in the US today, that we will give you $250 if you can find a better one!  Put simply, if you can find part-time bookkeeping and accounting services performed by an all-accountant staff for less than $34/hr., we will give you $250 worth of accounting services just for letting us know!

So take a look around our site and, when you’re ready, click on the Quick Start link to get started.


If this describes how you feel about DOING bookkeeping, then you will definitely want to view our Bookkeeping Made Easy page. Most people feel this way about accounting because the whole idea of it intimidates them. Their expertise is in running their business, not accounting.

The great thing about being the owner is you don’t have to DO most things yourself, you can hire other people to do them for you.

This is why having the accountants of LIV Bookkeeping on your side makes so much sense. Accounting is OUR expertise. With our experts working for you, bookkeeping is one less thing you have to worry about.

Bookkeeping Made Easy

Take a look at this page if you want ideas about Best Practices for staying on top of your finances.

Accounting is little more than keeping track of money going in and money going out.

We’ve put together simple steps you can take that will make having accurate financial information a snap.

Have a question that’s not answered on our website?  Let us know!  We’d love to hear from you.

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